Ergon grips for the MTB; which are the best for you?

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Ergon MTB grips

The Ergon brand is known for its ergonomic MTB grips that are suitable for various branches of mountain biking, recreational cycling and touring. Perhaps you sometimes suffer from sleeping, deaf or painful hands, fingers or wrists during and/or after mountain biking. It could be a sign that your current grips, also known as grips, are worn out or don’t quite suit your riding style. At the Ergon brand, they have a ready-made and ergonomic solution for this.

The Ergon MTB grips are available in 6 different series. You will find grips for MTB touring, cross-country, marathon, enduro, downhill and gravity. We dived into the range of Ergon grips and also tested a set. You will discover in this article what options there are, which Ergon Grips we have tested and what we thought of them.

GA series (Allround mtb grips)

Ergon grips GA2
  • GA3 with mini wing (extra support)
  • GA2 regular or FAT (for bigger hands/extra cushioning)
  • Suitable for all-mountain/trail, enduro, xc and marathon
  • Relieve the hands and wrists
  • Lots of choice in colors

GE1 Evo series (Enduro grips)

Ergon grips GE1 Evo
  • GE1 Evo Factory (even more grip)
  • GE1 Evo
  • Are used in the Enduro World Series
  • Improved grip and cushioning
  • Different colors available
  • 2 sizes: regular (bigger hands and/or more grip) or slim

GD1 Evo series (Downhill grips)

Ergon grips GD1 evo
  • GD1 Evo Factory (even more grip)
  • GD1 Evo
  • Collaboration with various downhill toppers
  • Maximum cushioning and grip
  • 2 sizes: regular and slim
  • wide grip
  • 3 colors (Factory version)

GFR1 series (Freeride & gravity grips)

Ergon grips GFR1
  • GFR1 Factory (even more grip)
  • GFR1
  • Collaboration with Canyon FMD Racing team
  • Ribs provide extreme cushioning and precise grip
  • One size and 2 colors (Factory version)

GS series (XC, marathon & mtb-touring)

Ergon grips GS
  • GS3 (longer bar end)
  • GS2
  • Adjustable bar ends (angle)
  • Different hand positions possible
  • Size S or L (larger hands and/or more grip)
  • Extra support for the wrists

GP series (mtb touring, touring, recreational)

Ergon Grips GP
  • GP3 (longer bar end)
  • GP2
  • GP1 (without bar end)
  • Adjustable bar ends (angle)
  • Different hand positions possible
  • Size S or L (larger hands and/or more grip)
  • Extra support for the wrists

The complete range of Ergon Grips for MTB

The grips on the handlebars of a mountain bike are a part that needs to be replaced in time, but unfortunately is sometimes forgotten. Worn, bad or just the wrong grips can lead to pain in the wrists, hands and fingers and can even be the cause of back pain. Of course you don’t want such things and that is why good grips that suit your driving style are very important.

At Ergon, the choice is so wide that you may no longer see the wood for the trees. That is why we have listed the different Ergon grips for you.

GA series; all-round Ergon MTB grips (AM/Trail, XC/marathon, Enduro, Touring, E-MTB)

If you practice different branches of mountain biking such as all-mountain/trail, enduro, cross-country or even marathon, the Ergon grips from the GA series are the better choice. These grips relieve the strain on the hands and wrists, offer a lot of freedom of movement and provide extra cushioning, which can come in handy on rough trails as well as on longer (marathon) rides.

Within the GA series you will find different grips including; the GA3 Supernova, GA3 single twist shift, GA3, GA2, and GA2 FAT. All these grips are easy to attach to the handlebars via the lockring with Allen screw. There is a stopper at the end so that you can always connect the grips perfectly to the handlebars.

GA3 Supernova, GA3 single twist shift & GA3

Ergon grips GA3 overview

These Ergon grips for the MTB have a mini wing that provides extra support for the wrists. With these grips you can perform optimally and ride at the limit in the best comfort.

The GA3 Supernova is compatible with the Supernova M99 and MINI 2 PRO lighting, which you can operate from the push button incorporated in the grips. The GA3 Supernova is only available in black and is only recommended if you also use the compatible lighting.

The GA3 single twist shift is suitable for when your MTB has, for example, grip shift, pinion or SRAM XX1 shifting systems.

The GA3 Ergon grips are available in 7 different colors and in 2 sizes, S and L. Besides being incompatible with the lighting, the only difference with the Supernova grips is in the lockring. It is completely made of aluminum.


Ergon grips GA 2 and GA2 FAT

The GA2 grips have been developed for the same purposes as the GA3 grips. The GA2 grips do not have a mini wing and are only available in one size. With these grips you can also choose from 7 colors (GA2) or 3 colors (GA2 FAT).

The difference between the GA2 and the FAT version is that the FAT version offers more cushioning and control and is even more comfortable for mountain biking. In addition, the FAT version is also aimed at mountain bikers with larger hands and/or bikers who simply want to have even more grip.

GE series; GE1 Evo enduro grips

ergon grips ge1 evo

The Ergon MTB grips from the GE series are specially designed for the toughest races and competitions in the Enduro World Series. The GE1 grips have been upgraded and now offer even more grip and comfort and are ideal for wider and “riser” handlebars.

The new GE1 Evo grips, as they were dubbed, are available in two sizes: regular and slim. The slim version weighs about 15 grams less and has a slightly smaller diameter.

The grips have an ergonomic design that automatically puts you in an active position. The grips provide maximum grip and cushioning without sacrificing durability.

The top has a special pattern that improves grip and damping. The bottom has an asymmetrical block pattern so that you can pull on the handlebars without too much effort. The part where you place your thumb offers extra support.

The GE1 Evo is also available in a Factory edition that offers even more grip thanks to a different rubber compound. The Evo grips are available in 7 different colors and the Evo Factory is available in 3 colors. Assembly is very easy thanks to the integrated lock ring.

GD Series; GD1 Evo downhill grips

ergon grips gd1 evo

The Ergon mtb grips from the GD series have been specially developed for the most extreme branch of mountain biking, namely downhill. For these grips we worked together with well-known names from the downhill discipline, including Rémy Métailler and Vali Höll.

The GD1 Evo grips offer enormous grip, maximum cushioning, comfort and ensure the best control on the roughest courses and surfaces. Due to the conical shape of these GD1 Evo grips, you have to put less pressure on the grips. The thumb zone is super soft and offers extra grip and comfort.

The texture on the upper has been completely renewed and provides maximum cushioning and optimal grip in all conditions. The underside, where you place your fingers, has a more aggressive design that is well suited to all downhill trails.

These Ergon grips are also available in 2 versions: GD1 Evo Factory and GD1 Evo. Both grips are available in regular and slim size. The grips are specially designed to be able to grip the handlebars a little wider.

The GD1 Evo Factory grips are available in 3 colors and have a different rubber compound (Factory Custom rubber) compared to the GD1 Evo grips (GravityControl rubber). The Evo version is only available in black. The Factory Custom rubber offers even more and more precise grip.

GFR Series; GFR1 grips for freeride and gravity

ergon grips gfr1

The GFR1 Ergon MTB grips are designed in collaboration with the Canyon FMD Racing team. These grips are intended for Gravity, freeride and downhill mountain biking. The top of the grips have been given a completely new design consisting of ridges. These ridges provide precise grip and extreme cushioning. The underside offers grip and relieves the forearms.

As with the Enduro and Downhill grips, these grips are also available in a Factory version with a different rubber compound for even more grip. The grips are available in 1 size. The GFR1 Factory grips are available in 2 colors. The GFR1 grips only come in black.

GS Series; GS3 and GS2 grips for cross-country, marathon and MTB touring

ergon grips gs

The GS3 and GS2 grips are designed for cross-country, marathon and MTB touring. The design of these grips makes it possible to place your hands in different positions, which is certainly pleasant on longer bike rides. The bar ends of these grips can be adjusted to the angle you prefer. With the GS3 grips, these bar ends are about 3 finger thicknesses long. The bar ends of the GS2 grips are slightly shorter with two finger thicknesses and do not have extra structure and grip.

Both grips are available in size S or L and offer extra support to the wrists. The large version is suitable for cyclists with larger hands or when you want even more grip. The grips are only available in grey/black.

GP series; Ergon grips for extra comfort and MTB touring

ergon grips gp

The GP ergon grips are the worldwide leader in functionality and quality and are primarily intended for MTB touring or for cyclists who want to experience the best comfort. In the GP series you will find 3 different Ergon grips: GP3, GP2 and GP1.

The GP3 grips are also available in BioKork variant and are equipped with bar-ends with a length of 3 finger thicknesses. The GP2 grips have slightly shorter bar-ends while the GP1 grips have no bar-ends. That way you have a versatile choice that you can tailor to your own wishes.

All grips from this series offer extra support to the wrists and are available in two sizes: S and L. In terms of color you always have only 1 choice; black/grey or BioKork (GP3 or GP1). These GP grips are suitable for mtb touring, e-mtb and recreational (city) cycling trips by bicycle or e-bike.

Our choice Ergon mtb grip

I was recently in need of a new set of grips. Because I didn’t want black grips again, I started looking for brands that also offer red grips. That’s how I ended up at Ergon. But of course that was not the only reason to take a look at Ergon. Their range is very wide and you can go there for discipline-specific grips.

Via the grip selector you can already get an idea which grips suit you best. By completing the 6 questions as accurately as possible, you will see the grips that suit you best. In addition, you will also see two alternatives.

The GA2 FAT grips came out of the selector as the most suitable for me. Strangely enough, my eye had fallen on the exact same grips before. This means that I have a pretty good idea of what I exactly want and expect in terms of grips and their functionality. A nice stroke of luck was the fact that these grips are also available in red.

Ergon GA2 FAT test & review

ergon grips ga2 fat mtb - review

I chose the GA2 FAT grips because they are real all-rounders and really come into their own on any type of terrain. The FAT version is somewhat thicker and therefore offers even more cushioning. It is also recommended for mountain bikers with larger hands.

Another reason why I explicitly chose the FAT version is because I like longer MTB and marathon rides. The extra cushioning is a nice bonus. With my previous, thinner grips, the comfort did decrease over time during long rides.


The mounting of these Ergon mtb grips is very simple. All you have to do is clean the place where they have to go. After that it’s child’s play. Just make sure you place the right and left grip on the right side. Right and Left are neatly marked on the grips, so you can’t miss. The “up” indication should point upwards as the name suggests.

ergon ga2 fat up

You slide the Ergon grips over the handlebars until you can’t go any further. The stoppers at the end ensure that the grips always fit perfectly on the handlebars and are not too far or too short.

After that you still have to place the grips in the correct position for you. Next to the “up” indication you will see several bars. On the basis of these lines you can turn the grips until they are in the right position for you. This is of course a matter of testing and can always be adjusted quickly and easily, and even on the go.

Tighten the grips with an Allen key, but preferably with a torque wrench. The maximum force is neatly displayed on the lockring. By using a torque wrench you can tighten the grips exactly and with the specified force. In the case of these Ergon mtb grips it was 3 Nm (Newtonmeter).

ergon ga2 fat 3nm

Once the grips are fixed you can immediately start cycling with the new grips and of course I did that. After a first ride I adjusted the position a little bit. This is a setting that varies from person to person, so we’re not going to bother you with that.

The GA2 FAT grips in practice

What I immediately noticed during a first ride with my new Ergon mtb grips was that they are quite thick. That was of course to be expected from a “FAT” version. So it took a bit of getting used to, especially compared to the worn thinner grips that I had thanked for services rendered.

Once in the woods, the grips really came into their own. The extra cushioning that the GA2 FAT grips should offer is also really present, what a comfort! This extra cushioning is extra gentle on your hands and wrists, so that you can cycle much more comfortably, even on very technical and bumpy terrain.

ergon ga2 fat grip structure
The different grip structures on the Ergon GA2 FAT grips

The only thing I had to adjust was the position of the grips. I tilted them a bit so that the grip points were better in my hands and fingers. On the next ride, the grips felt even better, even with MTB gloves.

The grip and damping that these GA2 FAT grips offer are really an added value for me personally, especially during longer rides.

ergon grips ga2 fat mtb

Final verdict on the Ergon GA2 FAT grips

Ergon’s GA2 FAT grips came out as the go-to choice for me from their grip selector and I had my eye on them before. It was therefore almost impossible to go wrong and that turned out to be the case in practice. These grips are a bull’s eye for me personally. The extra cushioning is really tangible and I really like it!

If I didn’t like endurance and longer MTB work, I would probably have opted for the GA3 or the regular GA2 grips. The only thing that stopped me from choosing the GA3 grips was the mini-wing. I was a little unsure whether this would feel good to me. The extra support for the wrists can be an added value, but so far I have not had any problems with my wrists.

The GA2 FAT grips are also multi-purpose and actually very all-round grips that can be used on rough trails as well as for endurance rides. So I am very satisfied with my purchase.


The grips on your mountain bike also wear out and need to be replaced in time. Are you ready for new grips due to wear and tear of your current grips or do you experience problems with your hands, wrists, fingers or even with your back? In that case, take a look at the wide range of Ergon.

The wide range of Ergon mtb grips is so diverse that every type of mountain biker can find a suitable set. The GA series is super all-round and suitable for both calm and challenging trails. The enduro, downhill and gravity specific grips are tailor-made for the pros and each has its own distinctive features.

Comfortable and ergonomic grips are also available for recreational cyclists, mountain bikers or touring cyclists. Both the GP and GS series offer extra comfort and support where needed.

All grips are also suitable for use on the e-MTB. Assembly is super simple thanks to the integrated clamping strap. Adjusting the Ergon mtb grips is also super easy and the left/right indication means you can’t mount the grips incorrectly.
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