Gopro Hero 9 VS 8 VS 7; compare – Which GoPro is best for you?

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Imagine that you are mountain biking for the umpteenth time and have to get off your bike for the umpteenth time. Besides the fact that it is tiring for you to constantly get off and find that nice corner, it is also dangerous to stop for a photo at any time. Don’t want to stop and take a picture on the mountain bike along the way? Then you can even get a fine of € 95.00 on the public road!

The best way to take pictures is with an action cam. In addition, you can easily record your entire ride and look back at the moments whenever you want.

There is now an arsenal of action cams on the market, so the choice is not exactly easy for you. The most famous brand of action cams is GoPro. There are several models of these on the market, and all of them are of good quality. But which one is the best now? Time for a comparison between the GoPro Hero 9 Black VS 8 VS 7. Is the newest really the best?!

This is why you buy a GoPro action cam

The question everyone faces is the question about buying a product: why should I buy this product? With a GoPro, this answer is simple to answer.

With a GoPro you have the option to shoot razor-sharp images while you are mountain biking. You no longer have to stop to grab your cell phone and take a picture with it. With a GoPro you can easily record your entire ride and you can always watch it back. For yourself, or with friends and family.

GoPro action cam

Ideal for shooting beautiful images. Only with a GoPro you can do much more than just make fantastic images. You also get a number of extra features. Think, for example, of making a timelapse video, or live streaming your images.

That the GoPro shoots very good images can be guaranteed by, among other things, the HyperSmooth technology. This ensures great image stabilization so that the images you take run smoothly to perfection.

GoPro Hero9 Black

  • Filming in 5K
  • Hyper Smooth 3.0
  • Two screens
  • 20 megapixel photos
  • Easy to confirm

GoPro Hero9 Black review >>

GoPro Hero8 Black

  • Filming in 4K
  • Hyper Smooth 2.0
  • 12 megapixel photos
  • Easy to confirm

GoPro Hero7 Black

  • Filming in 4K
  • hyper smooth
  • 12 megapixel photos
  • Housing needed to mount

GoPro Hero 9 black vs Hero 8 black vs Hero 7 black

To get an idea of what the best GoPro is, we must first start by comparing the different GoPros. That is what we will do below.

First, let’s take a look at some of the most important specs. This gives you an idea of which GoPro can do what. At the end you are well informed and you should know which GoPro suits you best.

We gaan allereerst een blik werpen op een aantal van de meest belangrijke specificaties. Zo krijg je een beeld van welke GoPro wat allemaal kan. Aan het einde ben jij goed op de hoogte en weet je als het goed is welke GoPro het beste bij jou past. 

PropertiesHERO 9 BlackHero 8 BlackHero 7 Black
Dimensions71 x 55 x 33,6 mm66,3 x 48,6 x 28,4 mm62 x 44,5 x 32 mm
Weight158 gr126 gr117 gr
Front screen1,4″ LCD color screenMonochrome, info onlyMonochrome, info only
Battery1720 mAh1220 mAh1220 mAh
Video quality5K (30 fps) / 4K (60 fps)
/ 1080p (240fps)
4K (60 fps)
/ 1080p (240fps)
4K (60 fps)
/ 1080p (240fps)
Photo quality20 megapixel12 MP12 MP
Image StabilizationHypersmooth 3.0Hypersmooth 2.0Hypersmooth
Color screen front1,4″ LCD
Live burst photoYesYes
Webcam modeYesYes
GPS sensorYesYesYes


In terms of design, the GoPro Hero 8 and 7 look almost identical. The Hero 9 is slightly different in design. For example, it is about ten percent larger. As a result, the Hero 9 has a larger touchscreen.

In addition, the Hero 9 has a full-color screen on the front of the camera, which is very useful for taking selfies or for vlogging. The predecessors also have a screen on the front, but this only gives you information during filming, you can’t do anything with it.

In addition, the GoPro Hero 9 weighs a bit more than the other two.

GoPro HERO 7 vs 8 vs 9 - front design


A GoPro is known for its impressive battery life. But what are the differences between the battery of the Hero 9, 8 and 7? Simple, the batteries of the Hero 8 and 7 have 1220mAh. The Hero 9 does better in this regard, because the battery of this action cam has 1720mAh. This means that the battery of the Hero 9 lasts about 30% longer than its predecessors.


If you buy a camera, the resolution is perhaps the most important aspect to pay attention to. Reason enough to focus on this in this GoPro Hero 9 VS 8 VS 7 article. The clear winner here is the Hero 9.

The Hero 9 has almost double the sensor resolution, compared to the 8 and the 7. In addition, with the GoPro Hero 9 you also have the option to film in a beautiful 5k resolution.

The maximum resolution of the Hero 7 and 8 is 4k, which is also beautiful. However, with a 5k resolution you can also capture the smallest details in razor-sharp resolution. However, the difference is not super big. The Hero 8 and 7 can film 4k at 60fps. This makes them extremely well suited for normal use and social media posts.

Do you want to know exactly what 4K images look like? Be sure to take a look at our YouTube channel. We shoot all mountain bike and route videos in 4K.


All three models use so-called HyperSmooth technology. This technology provides excellent image stabilization so that the images you shoot also run smoothly without unnecessary bumps.

The Hero 7 has excellent HyperSmooth technology, but the Hero 8 does even better with HyperSmooth 2.0.

However, when we look at the Hero 9, we see that one more upgrade has been made. The Hero 9 has HyperSmooth 3.0 technology, which ensures even more perfect image stabilization.


The TimeWarp function allows you to create beautiful moving timelapses. The GoPro Hero 7 has this feature. The Hero 8 steps up and features a 2.0 version of this feature. Once again, the GoPro Hero 9 goes a step further with the TimeWarp 3.0. In addition, both the GoPro Hero 8 and 9 can also record time-lapse videos at night.

Remote control

You also have the option of remote control with all three action cams, by means of the GoPro app using WiFi and Bluetooth. You can also operate the GoPro Hero 7 with the Smart Remote. The GoPro Hero 8 and 9 can be operated with the new “the remote” remote control. You attach this remote control to your wrist using the supplied wrist strap.

GoPro The Remote


The three action cams all have connectivity via WiFi and Bluetooth. This gives you the option to connect them to the GoPro app. You can also livestream with all cameras. With the Hero 8 and 9 you can do this in 1080p quality, while with the GoPro Hero 7 you can ‘only’ livestream in 720p quality.


A GoPro is especially practical when you put it in the most suitable mount for your activities. With both the Hero 8 and 9 this goes very quickly thanks to the folding plates at the bottom of the device. With the GoPro Hero 7 you need an extra camera housing for this.

GoPro mount
The plates are on the housing of the Hero7 and not on the GoPro itself.

Your GoPro is extra protected that way, but even to change a battery, for example, the entire thing has to be removed. With the folding plates on the GoPro 8 and 9, changing batteries has become a lot easier.

GoPro 9 attachment mount
Collapsible mounting plates with the Hero 9 & 8 Black.

Lens protection

Nature is unforgivable when you rush through it. A branch, stone or splashing dirt cannot simply be removed and it is impossible to avoid it completely. A subtle tap on your GoPro’s lens can cause a lot of trouble and completely ruin your footage.

With the GoPro Hero 8, such an accident means that you can immediately throw your entire GoPro in the trash because you cannot replace the cap that is over the lens. Once clear scratches can be seen, which can also be seen in your shot images, you’re done. Of course, you can buy some accessories that provide extra protection for the lens.

With a simple technique you can remove the lens hood.
With a simple technique you can remove the lens hood.

With both the GoPro Hero 7 and 9, you can replace the cap that is over the lens. If you ever have bad luck due to a stray branch or stone, you can place another cap over the lens quite cheaply.

Removing the lens hood is very easy with the right technique. By pulling the cap and turning it counterclockwise at the same time, the cap will come off. You can reattach it by pushing on the cap while turning it clockwise. As you can see in the photo, there is quite a bit of dirt that gets in between, so it is wise to clean it once in a while. That way you always get the cap off quickly.

Before the GoPro Hero 9 came on the market and I had the choice between the 7 and 8, this was the deal-breaker for the slightly older Hero 7, as I would mainly be using the GoPro in the woods and off-road.


The biggest difference between the 3 GoPros is mainly in the details. Is the difference between Hypersmooth 1,2 and 3 that big? If you’re still using a Hero 6 or lower model, it’s definitely worth going for a new version, whether or not the Hero 9, just for the Hypersmooth stabilization. Between the Hero 7 and 9 there are also some upgrades that might be worth it.

If you have a GoPro 8, then it is a good idea to consider whether you need the GoPro Hero 9. If you have only recently acquired a Hero 8, it may be a bit crazy to upgrade to the Hero 9. you decide that for yourself.

Gopro hero 9

Ask yourself whether you need 5K footage and whether the screen on the front is something you need and will actually use. If you use the GoPro purely to visualize routes, then such an extra screen is not immediately necessary. If you would like to tell us more about it, it may come in handy…

Are you someone who always wants to go out with the very best, then we can only say; what are you waiting for? Upgrade that trade. The GoPro 9 is more extensive in all areas, shoots 5k images, has a vlogging screen on the front and an improved hypersmooth and timewarp function.

How much does a GoPro cost?

The price is a factor that everyone logically looks at when buying a product, including an action cam. There is also a significant price difference between the three types of GoPro.

A GoPro Hero 9 is the latest version of the series, making it also the most expensive. If you go for this action cam, you pay a price of about 419 euros. If we compare the price with what this camera can do, we can only conclude that the price is very realistic.

If you choose an earlier model, the GoPro Hero 8, you pay a little less. If you go for this model, you pay a price of about 350 euros. This price difference can be explained by the fact that it is an older model, and therefore also has less advanced functions and therefore does not have the latest upgrades that the Hero 9 has.

If you choose the GoPro Hero 7, you pay the least. That’s because this is the oldest model. You pay about 220 euros for this action cam. Because the GoPro Hero series is already at number 9 and version 10 will still be on the market in 2021, the Hero 7 is now a bit more difficult to obtain.

So when buying a GoPro you also have to take the budget into account to a certain extent. If you have a higher budget, don’t let the price hold you back and go for the best.

Which GoPro is right for me?

We compared the GoPro Hero 9, 8 and 7 and now you know the differences between these very good GoPro action cams.

That said, it’s time to pick a winner. However, that turns out to be more difficult than expected. Every GoPro covered in this article has its advantages and it depends on what you are looking for in an action cam.

which gopro to buy

Earlier in this article you already found out whether it is necessary to upgrade your current GoPro to the latest model. But which GoPro should you get when it is your very first model?

Are you looking for the best of the best and are you willing to pay for it?

Then the GoPro Hero 9 is the best choice for you. With this action cam you get access to the latest and most advanced functions, with which the best quality is also guaranteed!

On the other hand, are you willing to spend a little less for an action cam, and are you willing to make do with less advanced features? Then it is best to go for the GoPro Hero 7. Here you still have access to a number of good functions and good quality video, at a lower price.

Are you looking for a middle ground? Then the GoPro Hero 8 is the action cam for you. With this camera you have access to relatively advanced functions and a very good quality camera, but it is slightly less than its big brother, the GoPro Hero 9.

Our advice: GoPro Hero 9 Black

Taking into account the functions, features and ease of use, you will always end up with the GoPro Hero 9. You immediately have the latest upgrades and the best image.

In addition, you also have the same ease of use of the Hero 8 with the folding plates to place the GoPro in a mount. The latter is an absolute improvement over the Hero 7.

The lens cap that could not be replaced on the Hero 8 can be replaced with the Hero 9, just as was the case with the Hero 7. This is really a must if you are going to use the GoPro mainly during mountain biking.

The protection of the Hero 7, the ease of use of the Hero 8 in combination with the best images and improved functions and features, that is the GoPro Hero 9.

Buy your GoPro now!

Do you want to shoot beautiful images during your mountain bike rides? A GoPro is perfect for this! Whether you take the Hero 7, 8 or 9, beautiful images are guaranteed, the final choice is often in the details and of course the price tag. Have you already made the choice for yourself? Then don’t wait any longer and get your GoPro now!

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