The best MTB flat pedal shoes for men and women

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best MTB flat pedal shoes for men and women

Mountain biking is a popular hobby and as a sport, it’s also highly respected by many. It is a sport where you are really one with nature and where you can completely relax despite the intensity. A perfect moment to clear your head, but without irritation. Because when you’re mountain biking, nothing is more annoying than having problems with the equipment you’re using.

For example, think of the tires, drive, pedals, but also the footwear you are wearing. Good shoes can help you a lot while mountain biking.

In this article, we will discuss flat pedal shoes. It is sometimes difficult to choose because different shoes are best for all types of pedals. A popular type of pedals are flat pedals. Also known as platform pedals, these are used by many, not just beginners, for mountain biking. In this article, we will go into the details and discover which strain suits you best!

Best flat pedal shoes

Now it’s time to look at what the best flat pedal shoes are. When you search the internet for these types of shoes, there is a chance that you will be blown away. The offer is great. That also means that it can sometimes be difficult to make a choice.

Every flat pedal shoe is different and the quality and properties can differ enormously from each other. Doing research and making the final choice can therefore take a lot of time. To help you with this, a list has been drawn up below. This contains the best flat pedal shoes of the moment.

All factors mentioned above have been taken into account. The list will include shoes that are suitable for both genders, so flat pedal shoes for men and for women.

Five Ten Freerider Pro (men & women): most popular with mountain bikers

The Five Ten brand is known by many and by far the most famous brand in the mountain bike world when it comes to flat pedal shoes. They are also known for their high-quality products. It should therefore come as no surprise that their products and this Five Ten Freerider Pro are very popular and widely used MTB shoes.

Five Ten Freerider Pro (men & women)

These shoes are extremely strong and can withstand almost any impact, no matter how big. The shoe is suitable for everyone and that is why there are variants for both men and women. The sole is made of special rubber and gives you excellent grip and control on the pedals.

The shoe has a lacing which gives you the option to keep the shoe as tight as you want. The upper of the shoe is synthetic quick-drying. So you will never suffer from wet shoes for long. Do you want to get the most out of mountain biking? Then these are your shoes.

Five Ten Freerider Pro (men & women)

The fit of these shoes can be slightly smaller. So be sure to check the size chart. If you fall in between two sizes, you have the choice. If you want a tighter fit, choose the smaller size. If it is just a little looser and more playful, choose the larger size.

You can buy the Five Ten Freerider Pro mountain bike shoes, in different versions, for both men and women from our partners.


Different models

Special rubber for maximum grip

Extra protection at the toes


From size 36

Also sizes in between available


Price tag

Five Ten Trail Cross (men & women): best for mountain bike enthusiasts

The next shoes on the list are again from the Five Ten brand. This shoe also has a rubber sole that provides a very good grip. The upper is flexible and breathable and therefore the shoe also has good ventilation.

Five Ten Trail Cross (men & women)

There are cutouts in the midsole for water drainage. This will allow the shoe to dry even faster. The shoes have a raised heel collar for extra protection of the feet. These Five Ten Trail Cross mountain bike shoes are also equipped with lacing.

The Five Ten Trailcross MTB shoes have a regular fit.

You can buy these mountain bike shoes, in different versions, for both men and women at a low price from our partners.

Five Ten Trail Cross (men & women) Sole


Different models

Special rubber for maximum grip in all conditions

Sole leaves no traces

Breathable mesh that dries quickly

Raised ankle for extra protection

From size 36 (also in between sizes)


Price tag

Northwave Tribe (men & women): best sole

The next shoe to earn its spot on the list comes from the well-known brand Northwave. The Michelin sole of the Northwave Tribe Mtb shoe has been specially developed to have the best grip on the pedals as well as on the trails when it is necessary to walk.

Northwave Tribe (men & women): best sole

The reinforced nose prevents sore toes and feet if you do come into contact with obstacles such as rocks, stones, and roots.

You close the Northwave Tribe Mtb shoes by means of the sturdy laces. The shoes are also available in different motifs.

Northwave Tribe mtb shoes with Michelin sole

This shoe is also breathable and therefore has good ventilation. That also makes these flat pedal shoes an excellent option. Ideal, because in these shoes you will not easily suffer from sweaty feet.

You can buy the Northwave Tribe mountain bike shoes, for both men and women, at an affordable price from our partners.


Michelin sole with excellent grip

Breathable mesh

Reinforced heel and nose

Elastic holder for the laces

From size 36

Different motifs


None found

Giro Riddance (men & women): best all-round

The last one on the list is certainly not the least. These Giro Riddance Mtb shoes are also available for both men and women and are suitable for use in all seasons.

Giro Riddance (men & women): best all-round

These are very good shoes for platform pedals, as they have excellent grip and ventilation. The shoe guarantees you good performance and ensures the best possible safety.

Thanks to the Megagrip ISR rubber, vibrations are absorbed like never before and on any terrain. The upper material is made of microfibre and the shoes can be closed with laces.

Giro Riddance (men & women): sole

The fit of these shoes is normal, but the size can be slightly smaller, so it is useful to take a half or full size larger than your regular shoe size.

These Giro Riddance flat pedal shoes are available in different versions for both men and women. These MTB shoes are available from several of our partners in different versions.


Unisex model in various motifs and colors

Suitable for all seasons

Excellent grip and ventilation

Absorbs vibrations

Water-repellent properties

Reinforced heel

From size 35


Runs a little smaller (take a size up)

Not the cheapest

Why good flat pedal shoes are important

You may be wondering why it is important to have good flat pedal shoes at your disposal. You may think that your own shoes will also suffice. Nothing could be further from the truth.

To get the most out of mountain biking, it is very important that you have access to the best materials and this includes your shoes. That does not necessarily mean that you should always buy the most expensive because products from a lower segment can be just as good as the more expensive products.

If you are fanatic about mountain biking and also have more experience, you naturally want to get the best out of yourself. You will therefore be able to confirm that the interaction between your feet and the pedals is of great importance.

Why good flat pedal shoes are important

If you use flat pedals, shoes that fit effortlessly are essential. You must have flat pedal shoes in your range. This way you are most stable during mountain biking and you can deliver the best possible performance.

The shoes you wear can influence your performance in several ways. You will see that your own standard shoes are far from sufficient. A special flat pedal shoe is a bit stiffer than a normal shoe. As a result, your energy is better transferred to the bicycle. The right footwear also ensures more precision. And that in turn leads to better performance.

What should you pay attention to when buying flat pedal shoes?

It often happens that people regret their purchase because they don’t know what to look for. The product may not meet all their requirements, or they may feel that they have paid too much for what they have received. You always want to avoid this.

It is therefore important that you thoroughly research a product before you decide to purchase it. You can go to a store for that, but to make it easy for you, we have made an online comparison for you. Below we will look at things to consider when buying flat pedal shoes.

The right sole

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when buying new flat pedal shoes is the sole. With normal shoes, you will also be able to confirm that the quality of the sole has a major influence on whether the shoe is comfortable or not, and whether it lasts long or not. This is no different with flat pedal shoes.

In addition, a good sole with the right profile provides extra stability and grip on the pedals and on the trails themselves when you have to get off the bike. An extremely important factor to take into account.

Locking system

You can also see this as a very important factor. The closure of the shoe is of great importance for its fitting. With mountain bike shoes you can choose from different types of closures. Flat pedal shoes are most often equipped with laces and in some cases with extra velcro closure. Boa closures such as on mountain bike shoes with a click system are less common.

This depends on personal preferences and your driving style, so keep in mind what you like best. So don’t rely on what other people think and find the perfect mountain bike shoe.


The fit is certainly not unimportant to take into account. This applies to all shoes and not just to flat pedal shoes. If you want to enjoy mountain biking and the fit is not good, it certainly doesn’t get any more fun. It is therefore essential that the fit is good.

For example, if the fit is too wide, it will cause you to slip in your shoe. This in turn can cause blisters. That is, of course, far from ideal.

If, on the other hand, the fit is too narrow, your foot will get pinched and it will not fit well. Keep in mind that a shoe can expand a bit.


Another factor to consider when buying flat pedal shoes is the degree of ventilation. Good ventilation has a direct influence on how comfortable a shoe is and also ensures that unpleasant odors do not get a chance.

Often a shoe that has been specially developed for mountain biking has a closed sole. It is, therefore, possible that the ventilation leaves something to be desired. That is why it is important that the rest of the shoe has good ventilating properties.

Order your flat pedal shoes for the best ride

We have paid attention to flat pedal shoes in this article and have discussed this in detail. You should now be aware of why good shoes are important for mountain biking, which you can take into account when choosing flat pedal shoes.

We also gave you a clear overview of the best flat pedal shoes on the market right now. Order today and you will soon have access to the best footwear for mountain biking!

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